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Welcome to Camera Associates, where we offer the best security camera! The new security camera is small and is hidden from home intruders. This security camera will make you safe and secure


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About Camera Associates

Our Background

 Have you ever had the feeling, scared in your own house. No worries, we founded Camera Associates with one goal in mind: to provide a secure and smart home security camera. 



Where the Passion Begins

Dylan Nguyen


Hi!, my name is Dylan Nguyen and i am the age of 14. My expertises is marketing . My focus in the business is to help market the products and sell the products. I love to resell sneakers, clothes cards, etc. I feel like i'm a great problem solver and I can really think outside the box.

Nicholas Phan


My name is Nicholas Phan and I’m 13 years old. My expertise is probably finance, marketing, and business. I know how to market products and can take care of financial things. I’m starting to invest in stocks so I have some expertise when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Vincent Lo


My name is Vincent and I am 13 years old.  I enjoy STEM, especially math and coding.  I focus on the technical part of the project and enjoy going outside and playing basketball with friends.  I am determined and excited for the project.

Kenny Tran


My name is Kenny Tran and I am 13 years old. My expertise is on the technical side of things, such as creating the model and creating GUIs. I will sometimes twitch my hands because of my hobby, piano. I also help create the 3D model of the potted camera.